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The Interior Logging Association (ILA) was formed in 1958 and registered under the British Columbia societies act. There was a need to have a common voice for interior independent logging contractors, sub-contractors, log haulers and silviculture workers.

The need for a common voice on logging and forest management issues is greater now than ever before. The membership mirrors the wide economic activity associated with British Columbia's number one industry.

ILA members are loggers involved in harvesting, moving wood fibre products or machinery, building and maintaining logging roads; while some are in the consulting field or supplying goods and services to the men and women in the logging industry.

ILA members are your neighbours in communities from the Fraser Valley to the East Kootenays and north to Williams Lake.

Today, more than 500 member companies, and growing all the time, the ILA is a strong and influential recognized voice in the forest industry representing independent loggers interests

The ILA is governed by a Board of Directors and has two full time employees.

  • Wayne Lintott, General Manager
  • Nancy Hesketh, Administration

The Interior Logging Association (ILA) will continue to be the official voice for interior independent loggers with lobby initiative to all levels of government and respond positively to issues that effect change that could impact the logging sector.

If you are involved in the forest industry - let the Interior Logging Association work for you!

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