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Thursday, 03 April 2014 00:00

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TLBC-summer-2017-thumbTruck Logger BC Magazine Fall 2017

Contractor Sustainability: A Personal Perspective

              • Setting The Record Straight: Understanding Forest Industry Job Loss
              • Investment Is Key To Global Competitiveness

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TLBC-summer-2017-thumbTruck Logger BC Magazine Summer 2017

The Impact of Softwood Lumber on Small Forestry Firms

              • AAC Reductions: Who Pays the Price and Who's Got Your Back?
              • Three Parties, One Province: Hearing All The Perspectives On Forestry

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TLBC-winter-2016-thumbTruck Logger BC Magazine Spring 2017

Which Way Is The Political Compass Pointing?

              • Log Exports: The Story Behind The Story
              • Sharing The Resource: Loggers And Mountain Bikers Work Together
              • One Partnership At A Time: First Nations Building Capacity

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Truck Logger BC Magazine Winter 2017

Contractor Sustainability: A Third Party Perspective on a National Issue

              • In it for the Long Run: The TLA's 74th Convention & Trade Show
              • Broadening Our Understanding: First Nations Cultural Values

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Truck Logger BC Magazine Fall 2016

Market Logging: A Win-Win for Everyone?

              • Fibre, Fibre Everywhere, But Not a Log to Mill
              • SLA: Understanding the Consequences of No Agreement

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Truck Logger BC Magazine Summer 2016

Community Perspectives on the BC Coastal Forest Industry

              • Competition and Investment in the BC Coastal Forest Industry
              • Contractor Sustainability: Understanding the Numbers

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Monday, 17 March 2014 00:00

Truck Logger BC Magazine

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Truck Logger BC is published quarterly by the Truck Loggers Association in partnership with the Interior Logging Association, Central Interior Logging Association and North West Loggers Association. This magazine is distributed to over 10,000 readers who rely on the forest industry across British Columbia for their livelihoods. It is the pre-eminent source for timber harvesting and forestry perspectives, information and updates. In addition to reaching all four logging associations’ industrial and associate members, MLAs, key government officials and coastal industry stakeholders, the magazine also reaches all coastal First Nations and civic community leaders. Editorial content  seeks to reflect the objectives of  the logging associations and to provide readers with current information on BC’s forest industry, one that boasts the greenest workforce in the province.

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