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2015 Conference & Trade Show

Register now, or plan on attending the 57thAnnual Conference and Trade Show! Program & Details

Once again Vernon will host this year’s ILA Annual Conference and Trade Show on May 7, 8 and 9. The theme for our 57th conference is “Putting the Membership First.”

We’re holding some excellent informational sessions on Friday and Saturday. Come learn about the industry and network with other forest contractors. Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

  • Steep Slope Logging Updates
    Presenters: Gerard Messier, Training & Program Development Manager
    BC Forest Safety Council
    Bjarne Nielsen, Senior Regional Officer
    WorkSafe BC
  • Friday Luncheon
    Guest Speaker: TBA
  • How to Fit a Heart Attack into your Busy Schedule
    Presenter: Phillip Jones, Motivational Speaker (Calgary, AB)
  • Safe Companies Update
    Presenter: Rob Moonen, Director Safe Companies
    BC Forest Safety Council

This year companies will set up inside and outside displays at our trade show at Kal Tire Place for viewing on Friday and Saturday. The trade show is open to all attending and the general public. There is no charge to attend the trade show―everyone is welcome!

Program & Details



The Interior Logging Association is offering a Forest Harvesting Heavy Equipment Operator Training program. This program has been developed by the industry to meet the needs of employers in the forest-harvesting sector.

Students will receive two weeks of classroom training at Thompson Rivers University followed by six weeks of practical based training with a strong emphasis on “in-seat” operation and safety.

Students will have the opportunity to train on an active logging block with expert operators to ensure all skills and competencies of heavy equipment operations are achieved. They will also receive training in safety systems, quality control and gain perspectives on production efficiencies through the forest-harvesting environment.

On completion of the program students will receive an Interior Logging Association Diploma of Completion for the Heavy Equipment Operator—Forest Harvesting program. The program staff will work with the students and employers from the onset of the program to match graduating students with local contractors.

Heavy Equipment Operator Forest Harvesting Program

  • 2 week theory/certifications classroom component
  • 6 week logging production work site (skidders, processors and log loaders)
  • Review and Exam with "final mark weighted 60% on practical and 40% on exam.

Class Dates
October 14, 2015 – December 18, 2015
November 4, 2015 – January 22, 2016

Tuition costs are free for eligible participants

  • Interested applicants must "first meet certain eligibility requirements set out on the Canada Job Fund Agreement Eligibility Worksheet and Student Application
  • Valid BC Class 5 or 7 drivers license
  • Personal interview with instructors and employer representatives.
  • The learning practicum is on an industry site and will require students to take a mandatory drug and alcohol pre-screening test prior to program start.

This initiative is geared towards people who are either unemployed, non-EI eligible, or employed (low-skilled).

Download Application Form
For more information please call the Interior Logging Association office at 250-503-2199 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The BC Forest Safety Council and the Interior Logging Association (ILA) are working with WorkSafe BC to clarify regulatory requirements for Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV) inserts. These inserts are after-market devices designed to be installed in the bed of a pickup truck behind the passenger cab. The inserts purpose is to allow a truck to be used as an ETV. Employers may be required to have an ETV available, based on the requirements of Schedule 3-A of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR).
"Many of our members use these slide-in ETV units and have asked us to work with WorkSafe BC to clarify the regulatory requirements for these units. There is a lot of confusion around the design and testing requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act and of Transport Canada". said Wayne Lintott, General Manager of the ILA. "We believe that our members and the manufacturers of these units stand to benefit by knowing what WorkSafe BC would like to see in terms of specific requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act and of Transport Canada. These units can range from $4000-$40,000 and our members would like to know what to look for before purchasing one of these units", said Lintott.
WorkSafe BC Regulatory Practices has been asked to review and clarify the requirements for the ETV inserts which is expected to be concluded in the early fall. Forest Safety News will provide the details of WorkSafe BC's Regulatory Practices review once the information is received.

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2015 Trade Show

Looking forward to seeing you again next year. Put May 8-9, 2015 on your calendar!


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How to survive the next recession?

Radio NL Kamloops 610 AM
May 8th, 2014

How to survive the next recession?  Strategic Advisor Jim Girvan popped by the Harrison Show on Thursday, May 8th to talk about the challenges and the opportunities facing the logging industry in BC.

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Logging conference rolls in

By Vernon Morning Star
Published: May 04, 2014 01:00 AM, Updated: May 02, 2014 02:212 PM

North Okanagan residents have the opportunity to learn more about a mainstay of the economy.

The Interior Logging Association holds its 56th annual conference and trade show at the Vernon Curling Club and the Best Western Vernon Lodge Friday and Saturday.

“The general public is more than welcome to attend and the school districts will have students there,” said Wayne Lintott, ILA general manager.

There will be about 92 booths set up inside the curling club Friday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“You can come down and see the latest and most innovative techniques in the industry,” said Lintott of the inside displays.

It’s hoped that the exhibits will not only create awareness about the scope of the logging sector, but that there are an array of career opportunities.

It’s a major industry around here,” said Lintott.

“All of the Tolko and Gorman contractors create a lot of employment.”

ILA members are involved in harvesting, moving wood fibre products or machinery and building and maintaining logging roads, while some are in the consulting field or supplying goods and services to the logging industry.

Forests Minister Steve Thomson will be the guest speaker at a luncheon Friday at 11:30 a.m.

“He understands our problems and concerns very well,” said Lintott.

As part of the conference, a number of educational seminars are planned.

They include Jim Girvan, who will moderate a discussion on surviving the next recession Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Best Western Vernon Lodge.

“Five veteran contractors will discuss financing of logging operations, lien act protection, the keys to attracting and retaining skilled employees, how to ensure safe operations and how to best manage their equipment to meet the demands of mills wanting logs,” said Girvan, an authority on timber supply, economic analysis, forecasting and finance.

“We hope the insight will help other contractors to remain competitive as well as setting the stage for contractors and the local mills to work more closely together to meet their mutual needs.”

Other seminars will include contractors’ responsibilities for safety, bullying and harassment in the workplace and the anatomy of an equipment rollover.

For more information, go to or call 250-503-2199.


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Website Launch Announcement

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Truck Logger BC Magazine Archives

TLBC-summer-2017-thumbTruck Logger BC Magazine Fall 2017

Contractor Sustainability: A Personal Perspective

              • Setting The Record Straight: Understanding Forest Industry Job Loss
              • Investment Is Key To Global Competitiveness

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TLBC-summer-2017-thumbTruck Logger BC Magazine Summer 2017

The Impact of Softwood Lumber on Small Forestry Firms

              • AAC Reductions: Who Pays the Price and Who's Got Your Back?
              • Three Parties, One Province: Hearing All The Perspectives On Forestry

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TLBC-winter-2016-thumbTruck Logger BC Magazine Spring 2017

Which Way Is The Political Compass Pointing?

              • Log Exports: The Story Behind The Story
              • Sharing The Resource: Loggers And Mountain Bikers Work Together
              • One Partnership At A Time: First Nations Building Capacity

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Truck Logger BC Magazine Winter 2017

Contractor Sustainability: A Third Party Perspective on a National Issue

              • In it for the Long Run: The TLA's 74th Convention & Trade Show
              • Broadening Our Understanding: First Nations Cultural Values

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Truck Logger BC Magazine Fall 2016

Market Logging: A Win-Win for Everyone?

              • Fibre, Fibre Everywhere, But Not a Log to Mill
              • SLA: Understanding the Consequences of No Agreement

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Truck Logger BC Magazine Summer 2016

Community Perspectives on the BC Coastal Forest Industry

              • Competition and Investment in the BC Coastal Forest Industry
              • Contractor Sustainability: Understanding the Numbers

pdfDownload file here


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Teachers Resource

The Forestry Education Van was designed as a teaching resource at many levels. It complements two teaching resources, aiding learning objectives in the Grades 3 and 5 Social Studies and Science curriculum: Community Development -The History of Logging (Grade 3) and Our Living Resource - The Forest (Grade 5).

Exterior Murals
The exterior murals tell a story of the past and present of forestry in BC. From the use of springboards, axes and the crosscut saw to the use of feller bunchers, skidders and loaders, illustrating the advances in efficiency, technology, safety, planning, research, forest management and gender equality in the forest industry.

The back wall display represents timber in the southern Interior that is harvested commercially. The three major species of trees harvested here—spruce, pine and fir—or SPF is the most common dimensional lumber sold at retail outlets. Scale models can be viewed throughout the rear of the van, representing the machinery and equipment used in road building and local harvesting operations.

Murals and Wildlife Tree
The interior murals were painted by Vernon youth to demonstrate the use of the forest by humans and by nature itself. Not only do we use the forest for wood, but also for recreational activities such as fishing, camping, hunting, ATVing, snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling. Nature also uses the forest for habitat, nesting, nutrition and other activities, depicted by the wildlife tree.

Forest Products
The forest products display, created by the Canadian Women in Timber, shows some of the every day things that are made from trees. Obvious products include paper, lumber, apple boxes and packaging, but there’s also toothpaste, Ketchup and medicines.

Book the Forest Education Van
Our Forest Education Van can visit you at your school free of charge within the southern Interior region. Donations or honorariums to assist in funding the ILA Forest Education Van are encouraged but are not required. The Van can also be seen on display at forestry events around the province.

Book our Forest Education Van
pdfILA Van Booking Form
For more information on how to book the ILA Forest Education Van to visit your community, please call the Interior Logging Association office at 250-503-2199 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download Primary Activity Booklet: Grades 2-3

Download Intermediate Activity Booklet: Grades 4-7